Update: Monday, 30 March 2020: FAQ

Q: How can I earn hours using DE (Distance Education)?

A: MindTrap will provide us with accreditor approved reports for each student’s tracked hours. These will be manually entered into our system (TRAX) weekly. We expect the first reports within 2 weeks (according to MindTap programmers). Additionally, we are adding Google Classroom/Meets up & running. These hours will be tracked by your educator & then manually entered into TRAX, as well.

Q: How many hours can I clock while on DE?

A: We are approved up to 10% by our accreditor & by IDFPR. It is our understanding that this has been increased by IL; however, we are waiting for final written approval before we apply to our accreditor. Please stay tuned.

Q: Can I take my Senior Written Final or Practical via DE?

A: At this time, no. We are seeking approval for practical learning to be approved by IDFPR. Written exams still must be taken on campus.

Q: I’ve finished my workbook, review questions, resume, etc. Can I drop them off at the school for grading?

A: Yes, & good for you for getting those completed. Please email admissions@uofac.edu to schedule a time to drop them off. Please know your work will not be graded on-site. It will be graded & entered within a week.

Q: I’m currently enrolled part-time. Can I switch to full-time now that I am not working?

A: Yes! We will have to amend your enrollment agreement. Please email admissions@uofac.edu to set up an appointment.

Q: Are part-time students, who normally attend school 3 days per week, only allowed to receive the same amount of hours per week via Distance Education that they would have received under normal circumstances?

A: Students must follow the schedule set out in their enrollment agreement subject to any state restrictions on Distance Education.

Q: Is a school that has closed its campus & is offering Distance Education considered open?

A: Yes, we are approved by NACCAS.

Q: Will my contract be extended for days that classes were suspended before Distance Education was offered.

A: Yes.

Q: If my teacher gives me an assignment that takes me an hour, will I get credit for that hour?

A: Each clock hour of instruction must be supervised by institution personnel to count.

Q: How will my clock hours be verified if I am using the MindTap platform?

A: MindTap will send each Institution accreditor accepted hours.

Q: Can the Institution open briefly to allow students to take an exam or perform a practical?

A: No. The accreditor and Dept. of Ed. has only authorized Distance Education if we keep our campus closed. Once we re-open, the Distance Education approval ends.