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Grant Application for Emergency Assistance

The University of Aesthetics & Cosmetology believes that access & affordability are at the foundation of our educational mission.    

We remain committed to that belief.  Faced with challenges, we have proven that we will endure & flourish.  We thank you, our community of students, alumni, faculty, staff, & guests for your kind understanding, flexibility, patience, & your goodwill.

We have invested in our people & in technology to adapt.  Now that we have temporarily transitioned to Distance Education, how else can we help our students?

We have applied for & were successfully awarded a grant to provide Emergency Financial Assistance to each of our eligible students for food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, & child care.  These grant funds are without fees or charges & they do not need to be paid back.  

Who is Eligible?

All University of Aesthetics & Cosmetology (Downers Grove) students who are currently enrolled, actively engaged students who were enrolled before March 27th, 2020.  If you have dropped, you will not be eligible.  

What does actively engaged mean?

Actively engaged means that you are attempting the same hours per week that you would if you were still going to school.

What if I do not need Emergency Financial Assistance?

If you do not need Emergency Financial Assistance, please fill out & sign the form below.  Be sure to check the boxes to let us know that you do not need Emergency Financial Assistance & we will divide your portion among the other students.  All of the money set aside will be distributed to students who need Emergency Financial Assistance.

How much can I get?

We are allocating an equal award to each eligible student.  Grants not accepted by students will be reallocated to other students.

What should I do with my grant?

It is up to you.  The grant is intended to help you with food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, & child care so that you can remain dedicated to completing your education.  

When will I get it?

Following receipt of the grant applications, we will allocate an equal portion to each eligible student & as quickly as possible, we will begin mailing checks.

What do I have to do?

Please answer the following questions, sign, & accept!

  1. Do you have a need for Emergency Financial Assistance?  Please check only one box.
  2. Did you start classes before March 27th, 2020?  
  3. Are you currently enrolled & actively engaged in continuing your education?   
  4. How would you like to use Emergency Financial Assistance?  Please select all that apply. 
  5. Do you understand that this is a grant which does not have to be paid back & does not have any fees or costs?   

Leave this empty:

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